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Name- Jessica

Age- 23

Sex- Female

Location- HELL...Trenton,NJ

Sexuality- bisexual

Status- single mom of 1

Occupation(if student, what do u want to be)- hostess at Dead Lobster and a student at Rutgers University...I am majoring in journalism/mass media

Star Sign- cancer

Body Mods- just pierced ears no tattoos...not yet at least. I plan on getting a tattoo of the Goddess Rhiannon on my arm. She's the Welsh goddess of animals.

Define your style-

Basic...I am a tee shirt and jeans type gal...I find most of my wardrobe at Red White and Blue or the Goodwill. I like clothes that are defined "hippy". I never wear dresses and don't even own one. I love shoes especially my Doc Martens. My one pair I've had for 9 years. They've been through hell and back with me and I think I would cry forever if I ever lost them.


10 Bands- Tori Amos, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Ani DiFranco, Jimi Hendrix, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Etta James, Throwing Muses and Janis Joplin

5 Movies- Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Fight Club, American History X, Almost Famous and Reality Bites

5 TV Shows- Six Feet Under, Sex and the City, Will and Grace, Cold Case Files and stuff on A&E I love biographys on serial killers. My favorite being Ted Bundy.

3 Books- On the Road by Jack Kerouac, Breakfast in Babylon by Emer Martin and Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel

Non-Alcoholic Drink- Ice tea with LOTS of ice.

Foods- vegetarian stroginoff

Colors- black or light blue

Animals- cats especially black cats




Gay Marriages- If I was against gay marriage I'd be against part of myself. Love is different for everyone and people should be able to love freely.

Self Mutilation- former mutilator...people who cut need to seek help. It leads to worse and more harmful things.

Drug Abuse- former drug abuser...drugs will kill you...I've seen too many people die from this disease.

Abortion- I don't think I could ever have one myself(unless I was raped)but I am not against others having one. It's our bodies.


Is a serious disorder that can consume your entire life. My bestfriend in high school was both anorexic and bulimic. She almost died from the disease.

::This or That::

Kitties or Doggies: kitties for sure!!

Sweet or Sour: sweet...chocolate is god

Eyeliner or Eyeshadow: both

Hot or Cold: hot...hate the cold

Braids or Dreads: dreads all the way. Dreads are hot!

Marilyn Manson or Dave Navaro: Dave Navaro...Marilyn Manson is a fucking dork

Black or White: black

Tattoos or Piercings: tattoos...are hot

Chap Stick or Lip Gloss: lip gloss...I love Stila lip gloss

Boots or Sneakers: boots!!!!!

Starbursts or Milky Way

: milky way BABY!!!


Why should we Accept you- Because I am hip and special...oh and I am funny and opinionated too.

Promote us to 3 communities(NOT promoting ones, no one ever looks at those)-

Book Soup, Craftgrrl, Muppet Icons

Who reffered you to this community?

Found it randomly through other communities.


Post at least 3-10 pictures of yourself, and a 100x100 picture that you would like on the accepted list:

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I don't know how to downsize can use the 1st one for the 100x100
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