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Location-Indianapolis, Indiana


Status-In A Relationship

Occupation(if student, what do u want to be)-nothing at the moment, looking for a job.

Star Sign-Gemini

Body Mods- just my main two earlobes, i hope to get my tongue, and lip done sometime.

Define your style-i pretty much wear what i want, which is just mostly black t-shirts i get at goodwill, and black jeans or blue jeans.


10 Bands-
1x Jack Off Jill
2x Scarling
3x Otep
4x Horrorpops
5x Dead End Drive In
6x The Sick Lipstick
7x Yeah Yeah Yeahs
8x Bikini Kill
9x Bratmobile
10x Kittie

5 Movies-
1x Boys Dont Cry
2x Ghostworld
3x May
4x HalloweenTown
5x Final Destination

5 TV Shows-
1x Degrassi
2x Full House
3x Lazy Town
4x anything on IFC
5x Seinfeld

3 Books-
1x i like poetry books *dark ones*
2x journal type books
3x Matilda

Non-Alcoholic Drink- Vanilla Coke

Foods-French Fries, homemade meatloaf, hamburgers, ect

Colors-black, red, any neon colors, gray, purple

Animals-cats all the way



Gay Marriages-i feel everyone has a right to do what they want. i mean if you think about it if everyone was closed minded as they are then we would have one fucked up world.

Self Mutilation-its all the parents fault, or whoever caused that person to hurt themselves.

Drug Abuse-dont let it get out of hand, try and go get help

Abortion-i think its wrong but it really depends on the situation. ie insect or if the girl is so young she is a child herself

Anorexia-i dont understand how people can do this to themselves

::This or That::

Kitties or Doggies

Sweet or Sour

Eyeliner or Eyeshadow

Hot or Cold

Braids or Dreads

Marilyn Manson or Dave Navaro

Black or White

Tattoos or Piercings

Chap Stick or Lip Gloss

Boots or Sneakers

Starbursts or Milky Way


Why should we Accept you- i have a nice personality...

Promote us to 3 communities(NOT promoting ones, no one ever looks at those)-grotesque_flair, fatpunkgirls,and blooddolls

Who reffered you to this community? punk_princess00


Post at least 3-10 pictures of yourself, and a 100x100 picture that you would like on the accepted list:
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
for the 100x100 use the first one. i dont know how to downsize.

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