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Name- Claire

Age- 17

Sex- Female

Location- England

Sexuality- Bi

Status- In a relationship

Occupation(if student, what do u want to be)- Student, not too sure yet… want to study something at uni :S

Star Sign- Gemini

Body Mods- Nose pierced, labret, side lip and ear lobes x4 and top of ear x2

Define your style- I don’t like to limit myself to one style


10 Bands- Bikini Kill, Courtney Love, Inme, Hole, Jack off Jill, Atreyu, Mindless Self Indulgence, Billy Talent, Le Tigre, Sleater-Kinney

5 Movies- Heathers, Elephant, Monster, Donnie Darko, Girl Interrupted,

5 TV Shows- N/A

3 Books- All Cate Tiernan and all Silver Raven Wolf + The BellJar by Saliva Plath

Non-Alcoholic Drink- Coke

Foods- Sweet and Sour Chicken

Colours- Black

Animals- Cats



Gay Marriages- Im not against it, gay people are humans too so why is it so wrong? It isn't people are still narrow minded, its not their fault, society is changing gay marriage will be acceptable soon

Self Mutilation- I get why people do it, I used to/ still do cut. I’m not for it, but I do think it helps sometimes. But I don’t think it’s a smart think to do, I can just relate to it.

Drug Abuse- I feel sad for people that get mixed up in it.

Abortion- Pro-choice most of the time, unless girls are getting abortions all the time coz her and her partner and too lazy to use protection

Anorexia- I wasn’t diagnosed with anorexia, but I feel like I’ve been there so I kind of understand why it happens, society puts too much pressure on looks.

::This or That::

Kitties or Doggies- Kitties

Sweet or Sour- Both

Eyeliner or Eyeshadow- Eyeliner

Hot or Cold- Cold

Braids or Dreads- Dreads

Marilyn Manson or Dave Navaro- Manson

Black or White- Black

Tattoos or Piercings- Piercings

Chap Stick or Lip Gloss- Lip gloss

Boots or Sneakers- Boots

Starbursts or Milky Way- milky way


Why should we Accept you- Because I’m opinionted and I love hearing other peoples opinions.

Promote us to 3 communities(NOT promoting ones, no one ever looks at those)- Will promote later, when the banner is working. My internet is beign evil at the moment

Who reffered you to this community? Got it through looking


Post at least 3-10 pictures of yourself, and a 100x100 picture that you would like on the accepted list:

I aint got no photos of me at the moment, laptop recently crashed =S well post them as soon as I get some new ones.
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