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Location-Northern Iowa


Status-Married and one kid

Occupation(if student, what do u want to be)- Finishing up on my GED and hoping to go to college to be a parole officer

Star Sign- Libra

Body Mods-Ears x2.Tounge.Nipples and cartlidge

Define your style-

Whatever I see first in the morning


10 Bands- Marilyn Manson, Jack off Jill, Kittie, Slipknot, Lil'Kim, Twiztid,Staind, Korn,Cypress Hill,D12

5 Movies-Madhouse,Little Princess,Thriteen,House on Haunted hill, 13 ghosts

5 TV Shows- Punk'D, Room Raiders,Miami Ink,Date my mom,CSI

3 Books- Holes, The color Purple,Flesh and blood (I'm in the middle of reading)

Non-Alcoholic Drink-Cranberry Juice

Foods- Chineese or Corn Dogs

Colors-Hot Pink, Neon Green & Yellow and black

Animals- Panda Bears and Dogs




Gay Marriages- I'm bisexual myself and I would be a hyprocrite if I said I wasnt for it. I believe that love doesnt matter if your a guy and a guy or a girl and a girl. That only thing that matters is if you love your partner.

Self Mutilation-I use to cut myself. It's a really bad habit to break honestly. Took me 6 years to know that I don't have to be around my blade constantly.

Drug Abuse-I only did pot (which I know isnt as strong as Meth or Herion ) I do believe if someone has a drug problem they should seek help as soon as they can do it. My uncle has been in and out of jail because of his addiction.

Abortion- I know I could never do it myself. I see some situations that it is helpful (if you were sexually molested by a family member or raped) but if you just don't want to confront your parents about you having sex then no thats is really wrong.


I've never had this problem. I know people have all kinds of problems in the world and I'm sure this is very common. I'm not for it neither am I against it. I havent been in those shoes so I really don't have a opionion to say.

::This or That::

Kitties or Doggies: Doggies

Sweet or Sour: Both

Eyeliner or Eyeshadow: Both

Hot or Cold:Hot

Braids or Dreads: Dreads

Marilyn Manson or Dave Navaro: Marilyn Manson

Black or White: Black

Tattoos or Piercings: Both

Chap Stick or Lip Gloss: Chap Stick

Boots or Sneakers: Boots

Starbursts or Milky Way



Why should we Accept you- I'm very active and I like to meet new people.

Promote us to 3 communities(NOT promoting ones, no one ever looks at those)-


Who reffered you to this community?

Nobody I came across it myself by surfing LJ


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Post at least 3-10 pictures of yourself, and a 100x100 picture that you would like on the accepted list:

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